Pokemon Y Rom Download

Pokemon Y is another one of the paired versions of Generation 6 of the famous Pokemon RPG series. This game was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS device platform in October 2013. Along with the Pokemon X version, this game was very successful in enticing both new and experienced Pokemon fans. It was a successful game and has received wide accolades from the gaming community. You can play the Pokemon Y Rom using a Nintendo 3DS Emulator which can be downloaded to your PC or Smartphone (iOS or Android).

Download Pokemon Y Rom

Description of Pokemon Y Rom

In Pokemon Y, the game begins in a small town in the Kalos region where we begin our journey. Right at the beginning of the game, Professor Sycamore presents us our first Pokemon who will be our partner throughout this game. We can choose any one of the three starter Pokemon – Fennekin, Froakie or Chespin. Then we receive a region map and Pokedex. This is just the beginning and as we proceed further the game gets more challenging and exciting.

Like every other game in this series, here too we need to battle eight Gym Leaders as part of our journey. Once we defeat them, we will be able to battle the Elite Four of the Kalos region. But, one thing to note here is that we can basically choose the order in which we battle the Elite Four. So, you can choose any one from the four – Malva (Fire Type), Siebold (Water Type), Wikstrom (Steel Type) and Drasna (Dragon Type) to start with. After defeating them we will get an opportunity to battle and defeat the Kalos region’s Champion, Diantha. The most challenging part here would be to defeat Diantha’s main Pokemon – Gardevoir which can Mega Evolve.

Pokemon Y 3DS Game Download

Features of Pokemon Y DS/GBA Rom

  • Pokemon X has an entire new set of 3D graphics and game styling.
  • 3D modeled Characters, Pokemon and Sprites.
  • Player can now walk/move in all 8 directions as opposed to the four direction movement in the previous generation Pokemon RPG games.
  • PSS – Player Search System, allows you to search for other players and connect, battle or trade Pokemon with them.
  • Pokemon-Amie, a new feature which allows the trainer to pet, feed and play with their Pokemon. This helps in developing a strong bonding between the trainer and his Pokemon.
  • Horde Encounters, wherein you will be required to battle 5 wild Pokemon which attack on one of your Pokemon. It is a new gaming technique which allows the player to gain massive experience.
  • Introducing the concept of Mega Evolution of Pokemon.