Pokemon White Rom

Pokemon White Version NDS box artPokemon White Rom is one of the two paired versions of the Fifth Generation of Pokemon RPG series. This game was released in April 2010 and it quickly became one of the best RPG that year. Comparing to its predecessors, this game has many new features and a much more challenging game plot. Overall this game was loved by both new and experienced Pokemon fans. Pokemon White was originally released for the Nintendo DS / NDS. However, you can download and play this game on your PC, Android Smartphone or iPhone by using a NDS emulator like DeSmuME.

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Description of Pokemon White Rom

In Pokemon White, our hero begins his journey in the Nuvema Town. Throughout the journey, our hero is accompanied by his two friends – Cheren and Bianca. Initially, in this game we are offered three starter Pokemon – Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott; to choose from. Once we make our choice we will be proceeding to Professor Juniper’s Lab where in we shall receive a Pokedex to record new Pokemon in the Unova region. Next, our hero’s mother gives him a Town Map which will be very helpful in locating our position and finding new routes in the Unova.

As we proceed in the game, we will be able to battle eight Gym Leaders who will present us with Gym Badges. Once we collect eight gym badges, we can proceed further to battle the Elite Four and finally the Champion of the Unova region. Apart from these official battles, we will also encounter a series of evil Team Plasma, whose sole aim is to separate Pokemon and humans. Our task would be to defeat Team Plasma’s evil plans and save the world of Pokemon from destruction.

In this game we will be able to summon Zekrom using the Dark Stone. As part of the game plot we need to battle and capture the Legendary Zekrom.

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Features of Pokemon White DS/GBA Rom

  • Pokemon White is a DSi-enhanced game and can be played on Nintendo DSi or 3DS.
  • C-Gear shows the system power using the battery bars.
  • Introduction of triple battles wherein three Pokemon belonging to each player are sent into the battle.
  • Access to Pokemon Dream World and Entralink which allows in contacting and trading Pokemon with other players throughout the world.


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