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Pokemon - Ruby Version (V1.1)
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File Name: Pokemon – Ruby Version (V1.1)
Region: USA
Console: Gameboy Advance
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Pokémon Ruby Version and Sapphire Version are RPG computer games created by Game Freak, distributed by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. They are the main portions in the third era of the Pokémon computer game arrangement, otherwise called the “propelled age”. Out of the blue following quite a while of Nintendo distributing the amusements alone in all areas, The Pokémon Company started co-distributing the diversions since the foundation of the organization by the proprietors of the establishment. They were first discharged in Japan in late 2002 and globally in 2003. Pokémon Emerald, an extraordinary version variant, was discharged two years after the fact in every area. Revamps of the two recreations, titled Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, were discharged for the Nintendo 3DS worldwide on November 21, 2014, precisely twelve years to the date of the first Ruby and Sapphire discharge date, except for Europe, where it was discharged on November 28, 2014.

The ongoing interaction is for the most part unaltered from the past diversions; the player controls the primary character from an overhead point of view, and the controls are to a great extent equivalent to those of past amusements. Similarly as with past diversions, the primary targets are to get the majority of the Pokémon in the amusements and thrashing the Elite Four (a gathering of Pokémon coaches); likewise, like their antecedents, the recreations’ principle subplot includes the fundamental character crushing a criminal association that endeavours to assume control over the district. New highlights, for example, twofold fights and Pokémon capacities alongside 135 new Pokémon, have been included. As the Game Boy Advance is more ground-breaking than its antecedents, four players might be associated at once rather than the past furthest reaches of two. Furthermore, the amusements can be associated with a tablet or other propelled age Pokémon recreations.

Ruby and Sapphire got generally positive audits, however, commentators were partitioned in their evaluation of the amusements, particularly on the ongoing interaction and designs. The greater part of the grievances concentrated on the way that the ongoing interaction had not changed much since past ages, and the network issues rotating around the past ages. With the prominence of Pokémon winding down at the time, the recreations sold not exactly past ages. Be that as it may, they were as yet basic and business victories; with around 16 million duplicates sold by IGN, they are the top rated recreations for the Game Boy Advance.