Pokemon Pearl Rom

Pokemon Pearl Rom is one of the two Fourth Generation Pokemon RPG’s released on the Nintendo DS. It was first released in September 2006. This game was an instant success with the worldwide Pokemon fans. Right from the beginning it has received some rave reviews and with its amazing game plot and design, it quickly became one of the top rated RPG in the Pokemon series. The game excites both experienced and new fans alike.

You can play this game on your PC or Smartphone (Android or iPhone) by downloading the Pokemon Pearl ROM ds/gba versions. However, in order to play it you will need a Nintendo DS / NDS emulator like DeSmuME.

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Description of Pokemon Pearl

Pokemon Pearl takes place in an entirely new Sinnoh region and our hero begins his journey in the Twinleaf town. Right in the beginning of the game, we receive our starter Pokemon from Professor Rowan. The three starter Pokemon in this Pearl Version are Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. Your journey into the exciting world of Pokemon begins after you choose your first Pokemon.

Apart from this, you will also receive a Sinnoh region map, Pokedex. In your journey, you will need to defeat the Gym Leaders in order to advance in the game. Once you defeat all the eight gym leaders, you will get a chance to battle the Eilte Four and finally battle the Sinnoh region’s Champion. Apart from these official battles, time and again you will encounter the evil Team Galactic and their leader, Cyrus whose aim is to control the world using the Legendary Pokemon Palkia (in Pokemon Pearl).

The entire story is based on your search for the Pokemon that controls the time and space (Palkia and Dialga).

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Features of Pokemon Pearl GBA/DS

  • Discover 100 new Pokemon which are exclusive to the Sinnoh.
  • Day-Night system is reintroduced and it works based on the in-game clock.
  • Poketch, a multifunctional Pokemon Watch has been newly introduced in this version.
  • Latest Battle system with improved battle moves and graphics.
  • You will be able to battle, communicate and trade Pokemon with other players worldwide using the Global Trade System over WiFi.
  • Massive changes to the Pokemon Contests which are now called as Super Contests.
  • Revamped 3-D game environment and latest game graphics.