Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom GameBoy Advanced Box Art Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom is a hack version of the original Pokemon Fire Red which was used as the base. This rom hack was developed by Linkandzelda and his team of developers. This game is a complete remake of the Pokemon Crystal which was originally made for GameBoy Color classic device. So, you can expect a much better graphics and color schemes when compared to the GBC version of its predecessor.

It can be played on PC or Smartphones (Android or iPhone) using a GameBoy Advanced Emulator which can be downloaded for free.

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Description of Pokemon Liquid Crystal Rom Hack

Pokemon Liquid Crystal has an almost similar story line to the original Crystal version. However, the developers have added a lot more exciting events and an entire new region which can be explored in this game.

Our journey in this game begins in a small town in the Johto region. Right in the beginning, we are offered to choose one of the three starter Pokemon – Cindaquil, Totodile and Chikorita. Next up we receive a Town Map and a Pokedex from the Professor. Now, our adventure through the Johto region begins wherein we encounter many amazing Pokemon! In this game we have to battle eight Gym Leaders and then the Elite Four. Once we pass them, we will be able to battle the Champion of the Johto region.

Apart from these, we will also encounter a evil team who are on a mission to destroy the world. Our task will be to thwart their plans and save the world. Overall, this rom hack is much more exciting than the original version and I hope you enjoy it too!

Pokemon Liquid Crystal GBA Rom Download

Features of Pokemon Liquid Crystal GBA Hack

  • Pokemon Crystal gameplay in GameBoy Advanced
  • Improvised Color Schemes and Graphics
  • Addition of new regions and areas to explore
  • Day and Time settings based on the in-game clock
  • Improved character sprites and battle mechanics

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