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Pokemon Jupiter - 6.04 (Ruby Hack)
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File Name: Pokemon Jupiter – 6.04 (Ruby Hack)
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About Pokemon Jupiter

Pokémon Jupiter and Pokémon Saturn are the second matched forms of Generation VII and are the spin-offs of Pokémon Sun and Moon, and in addition filling in as continuations/spin-offs of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, separately. They are set in the new Fija locale, a neighboring area of Alola. The Fija locale was roused by the genuine “island nation” Fiji.

They were uncovered by Tatsumi Kimishima through Pokémon Direct (Nintendo Direct) on July 25, 2017.

The Fija Guardian Pokémon Mapo Ko’na governs over Jupiter and Saturn, whom loans its capacity to Solgaleo and Lunala with the goal for them to accomplish their Eclipse shapes, which line up with Jupiter and Saturn.

Solgaleo’s Eclipse shape is the mascot of Pokémon Jupiter, while Lunala’s Eclipse frame is highlighted in Pokémon Saturn. Their sorts change, getting to be Fire/Steel and Dark/Ghost, both losing the Psychic-type, separately. They get Z-Crystals with their new structures (Ecliolgalium Z and Ecliunalium Z) and Z-Moves (which they can just utilize in the event that they are in their Eclipse frames with the move Eternal Eclipse); Infuriating Jupiter Inferno for Solgaleo and Overshadowing Saturn Specter for Lunala.

Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle return as starters for the Fija district with their new Fijan frames. Bulbasaur progresses toward becoming Poison/Fairy, Charmander is currently a Ghost-type (Ghost/Dragon upon advancement), and Squirtle is a Rock-type (Rock/Steel when developed). You can get their unique structures (with their Hidden Abilities) from Professor Kukui in the postgame. Every one of their last developments get their own Z-Crystals (Fijavenusium Z, Fijacharizium Z and Fijablastium Z) and Z-Moves; Malignant Poison Purge for Fijan Venusaur, Spiritual Dragonbound for Fijan Charizard, and Prehistoric Powerblast for Fijan Blastoise.

The Champion is rather titled “Challenger” and is really revealed to be the Guardian of the whole Fija district—Mapo Ko’na, a Ghost/Flying Pokémon. It utilizes five Pokémon (as it is controlling them by disclosing to them what moves to utilize, and so forth) before engaging against the player independent from anyone else as the 6th Pokémon. Mapo Ko’na had picked Emory, Audrey, Sloan and Lelea to be the Elite Four (in a service) to test Trainers who might be “commendable”. On the off chance that the player happens to overcome Mapo Ko’na, it will favor them and name them as the “Warrior” of the Fija area.