Pokemon Heart Gold Rom

Pokemon Heart Gold is one of the two paired versions (of the Fourth Generation remake) of the Second Generation Pokemon Gold GBA game. This game was initially released in September 2009 and has reached the expectations of Pokemon fans. Although the basic game plot remained the same, the developers have included many other features and Pokemon which were missing in the previous gba version. This current version has been released on the latest Nintendo DS platform. You can download Pokemon Heart Gold Rom GBA/NDS version and play it on your PC, Android or iOS smartphone.

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Description of Pokemon Heart Gold Rom

In Pokemon Heart Gold, we begin our journey in New Bark Town in the Johto region. After completing a few initial tasks for Professor Elm, he offers us our first Pokemon which will be our partner throughout the game. We can choose any one of the three starter Pokemon РCyndaquil, Chikorita or Totodile. Also, a few minutes after we start our journey, Professor Elm calls us back to the New Bark Town and gives us a Pokemon Egg. Throughout our journey, we need to battle eight Pokemon Gym Leaders in order to proceed further in the game. Once we collect all the eight badges, we further proceed to battle the Elite Four РWill (Psychic type), Koga (Poison type), Bruno (Fighting type) and Karen (Dark type). After defeating them, we finally get an opportunity to battle the Johto Pokemon Champion, Lance.

Apart from these official battles, we also have to defeat Team Rocket who play the villains in this game. After completing the journey through the Johto region, we now enter into the Kanto region where another adventure awaits us. Here too, we embark on a similar journey where we need to defeat the Gym Leaders and earn badges. Once we win all the Kanto region’s badges, Professor Oak allows us to enter Mt. Silver where we get a chance to battle Red.¬†Once we defeat this player, we become the new champion of the Kanto region.

Features of Pokemon Heart Gold

  • Poke Walker – a handheld pedometer that is similar to Poke Ball was sold along with this game.
  • Many good features from Pokemon Crystal.
  • Improved graphics and game play experience.

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