Pokemon Black Rom

Pokemon Black Rom is one of the paired versions of Fifth Generation Pokemon RPG series. This version of the game has many exciting new features and challenges for Pokemon Fans. Pokemon Black was officially released in April 2010. The game developers made massive changes in terms of game play and additional game features. Overall, this game was a massive success in the Pokemon fraternity. This game was originally designed for Nintendo DS. But you can download the rom on your PC or Smartphone (iOS or Android) and play it using a NDS emulator like DeSmuME.

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Description of Pokemon Black Rom

Our Pokemon Black journey begins in Nuvema Town, a small town in the Unova region. In this game, our hero has two friends Cheren and Bianca who follow us throughout our journey through the Unova. At the beginning, Professor Juniper leaves a gift box for the hero and Cheren. The box contains three Pokemon – Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott. We can choose any one of these and then Cheren picks his choice from the remaining two Pokemon. After this, once we arrive at Professor Juniper’s Lab we receive a Pokedex and then a Town map. Henceforth, we can start our adventure and explore the Unova.

Throughout this game, our hero and his two friends Cheren and Bianca will battle eight Gym Leaders to obtain all the eight Gym Badges. We then proceed further in the game to battle the Elite Four and finally challenge the Unova region Champion. The game plot also involves an evil Team Plasma, whose goal is to destroy the world and separate Pokemon from humans. So, time and again we will be encountering Team Plasma and we have to thwart their evil plans and save the world.

In Pokemon Black, we will get a chance to battle and capture the Legendary Reshiram which can be summoned by the Light stone.

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Features of Pokemon Black

  • Pokemon Black is a DSi-enhanced game which can be played on Nintendo DSi or 3DS too.
  • C-Gear shows the system power.
  • Introduction of triple battles wherein three Pokemon from each side are sent into the battle.
  • Access to Pokemon Dream World and Entralink which allows in communicating with other players throughout the world.